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How to pick the best foods for your dog? A strict guide from label notifications!

Dogs are lovable creatures who love us more than anyone in this world. The modern saying emphasizes on the fact that serving a dog for three days will make him a love for three souls.

Yes, the recent trending dog lovers quote tells all about the love of dogs. Pet lovers love to feed their dog in a variety of ways. Pet parents have to be conscious in choosing the best healthy, safe foods for their dogs. Here are some of the few tricks and tips for choosing the perfect dog food which is safe and healthy for your dog by looking at the labels.

FDA approval:

Not all the dog foods in the market are up to the standards, and you can’t serve any food in the market. FDA(Foods and Drug Administration) of US tests on every dog food and approves them by standards, composition. FDA approves the dog food only if it possesses meat with 75% of water in it.

FDA approves only safe meat, chick, lamb or fish for making the dog foods. Some meats, fish, may be intoxicated by injections, mercury consumption in the sea. Hence the short-lived fishes are only approved for preparing dog foods. Beef foods are recently disapproved from FDA due to the high thyroid levels in the meat.

You must pick the foods which are approved by FDA for pet consumption. Choose the best and safe foods for your dog!

Ban grain from your dog’s diet:

Grains are toxic to dogs. You would have better notified the labels with grain-free, dog-friendly composition or formulated foods. You must pick the one with no grain composition for your dogs. Grain based diets like corn, soy, wheat, rice or barley can be harmful to dog’s gut health. Hence you must avoid feeding grain ingredients to your dog.

Avoiding by-products of meat:

Meat, chick or lamb has not only tasty, juicy flesh, but also harmful skin, coat, teeth, liver, and much more by-products. Hence when you buy the dog foods with by-products, you must be careful about the harmful products too.

You may feed your dog with blood, udders, liver and much more, but the acceptance and positivity towards the diet purely depend on every dog’s gut health. When you desire to serve by-products to dogs, please enquire the vet to serve safe and healthy foods for your dog. Not all the dog’s gut health is same; they differ in every aspect.

Percentage of chemicals for retaining the shelf-life:

Dog foods may contain some chemical ingredients to retain the shelf-life of foods for a longer time. But, make sure that no preservatives, oil, roasting materials like onion, garlic, butter, cheese are added at higher levels.

Note the percentage of a chemical composition which is higher in levels than meat or chick. Determine whether the ingredient is safe for dogs. Sodium in high levels can abruptly increase the blood pressure levels in dogs.

Stay connected with dog community and vets:

Pet parents are not aware of the world news about dogs and foods. Pet food manufacturers recall the consumers if there is a mistake in their formulated foods on social media or any other community news. Hence every pet parent must follow any of the social media to be aware of the pet food news.

Recently the Blue Buffalo and Wellness Brands have recalled their consumers to refund their money invested on beef formulated foods of their brand. Hence be aware of the world news related to pet foods.