Save Your Dog From these Common Diseases!

All humans are distinct and unique. In the same way best human companions, dogs, are also distinct and unique in their way. Dogs are not grown and practiced in the same environment. Hence dogs may experience a distinct variety of health issues depending upon the environment in which you grew them.

Here are the common health issues which your dog may suffer from the parasites, bacteria from the outside world. Be aware and save your canine companion from serious health issues!


Common health issues on dogs


common dog issue

Kennel Cough

A kennel cough is common in dogs, and it is caused due to parasites, viruses, and bacteria which are common on air, environment. Dogs are social animals, and hence they can easily be attacked by the parasites, viruses, bacteria.

A kennel cough is not the serious health issue. But, it may be one of the signs of chronic health issues in your dog. Continuous coughing of dogs may make them fatigue and cause panting. Vets may prevent your dog from coughing with the help of antibiotic or cough suppressants.




Arthritis is one of the common problems faced by dog owners as their lovable dog grows older. We would never realize the fact that dogs grew older until arthritis and joint pains make our dogs discomfort.

Arthritis cannot be cured. But, rotational diet plan with healthy supplements can make your doggy comfortable with arthritic issues. You can add dietary fiber diet like green beans, broccoli, celery as supplements to your dogs.




Pet allergies are common and are caused due to hazardous food poisoning. Peanut, onion, garlic, chocolate and much more human foods can cause the allergic skin to your dogs.

Skin allergies can be treated right from your home. You must regularly wash your dog with tearless pet shampoo once in a week. The seasonal and common skin allergies on dogs can be vanished completely by regular washing of your cute dogs.




Dogs are prone to obesity with the things they eat. Many dogs eat nuts, butter, cheese and much more high-fat content diets without the knowledge of pet parents. Some and other human foods may cause pet poisoning or obesity on your dog. Hence I would recommend every pet parent to keep the disapproved dog foods out of reach for your dogs.

If you try to make your obese dog slim and fit, then try green beans, celery, cucumber, broccoli and other fiber-rich veggies to your dog’s rotational diet plan. Too much of high protein meat, chick, beef, lamb diet can make your dog an upset stomach. Be planned with the prescribed limits of dog feeds which are rich in fat!




Diabetes is not only the common health issue for humans but also dogs. Dogs grew older, and at times, pancreatitis, diabetes, arthritis and much more disease attack our dogs.

However, we can’t cure diabetes in our dog. But, can feed the dogs with dietary fiber to maintain the blood sugar levels in their body. Plan and feed your doggies regular diet to make them stay healthier.

Dogs may have the common health issues, and you can treat, medicate them with rotational diets. Start planning your dog’s rotational meal plan and make your cute doggy more cute with health lifestyle!



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