Do Your Dog is Continuously Coughing? This may be the Case!

Spotted_dog_from_KalimpongDogs exhibit coughing now and then in their normal life. It’s not the serious case or health issue for your dogs. But, just think of a two or three days back. Is your dog continuously gets a cough after taking them to any public spots? Probably your dog may suffer from a common disease!


What? Is continuous coughing of dogs is common disease. Yes, dogs are social animals, and hence they are prone to viruses, bacteria, parasites and much more from the outer world. Flea, ticks, mange are different stories. But, the coughing is due to the bacteria, dirt getting inside your dog’s inner organs. Vets suggest that the disease is common as pet parents take their dogs to public parks, vet’s place, obedience training sessions, playground and much more places.

This is the disease which makes your doggy continuously cough!


Kennel Cough


Kennel Cough is the disease which is common among dogs, and as they are best sniffers in the world, it attacks. Your dog may probably have sniffed any of the dog’s pee mail when you step out for a walk on a leash.

Some parasites, insects, are seen on our dog’s environment, and they intake those parasites in the form of food from their bows or sniff out them. The sniffing and intake or the main causes of a kennel cough. Many dogs may cure themselves by eating the well-planned diet. But, some coughs do not stop even on vets medication.

After diagnosing the continuous cough, some pet parents take their dogs to vet and ask for the medications. Vets serve antibiotics or cough suppressants to the dogs. But, some dogs still cough continuously. The dogs which cough even after medications may have some other diseases.

Here are the reasons why your doggy continuously coughs other than a kennel cough!


Serious issues of continuous coughing


Many dogs may continuously cough even after serving with cough suppressants. If this is the case, your doggy may have serious health issue as mentioned below!


Lung diseases


Lung diseases like bronchitis, pneumonia may also cause continuous coughing on your dogs. The lung diseases are also caused due to dirt, parasites, bacteria on the environment. In very abnormal cases of continuous coughing, dogs may have lung cancer. However, you may fetch advice from your vet at the start of continuous cough of your doggy.


Cardiac diseases


Some breath problems in dogs may lead them to continuous coughing. Cardiac valve blockage, leak, or any other chaos may end up in bulging of heart muscles and lungs. Hence be aware of your dogs panting and breath problems to save them.


Fungal diseases


Some parasites, bacteria, and viruses can cause continuous coughing to your dog. The parasites may not cause serious consequences, but leads to continuous coughing and panting.



The diseases caused by the viruses which spread in the air. Distemper can be easily cured on your dog with vaccines.



The disease caused by mosquitoes attack your dogs often. But, the vaccines which are given by vets for every six months can prevent the disease on your dog.

Sure, you pet parents are now aware of dogs and continuous cough. Dogs are kids, and you should be aware of the medical facts about your dog. Hence take care of your dog if coughs persist continuously. Any disease can be cured at the beginning stages, hence diagnose and keep an eye out on your lovable dog’s crate too.

Share the facts of continuous coughing for dogs to the pet neighbors and save a dog!


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