Unique Prescribed Diet plans for dogs with allergies by Vets!

Dogs are adorable creatures only when they behave properly. Not every dog is well-behaved. Some dogs eat their poops, while others lick their skin, coat with their tongue. The misbehavior of dogs in these ways are not due to their mannerism or some other factor; they are due to lack or nutrition or itching in their skin, coat.

Some dogs may be allergic to a certain set of ingredients. Not all the dogs are toxic to lactose products, but some even die on taking small amounts. The allergies in dogs purely depend on the individual’s health conditions.

You must not decide that your dog has an allergy, just because he licks, itches the skin all the time. It may be due to many reasons, maybe due to the attack of parasites, flea, tick, mange or some other insects from your backyard.

It’s better to seek your vet’s help if you suspect that your dog has an allergy. Your vet may confirm the cause, and then you can follow the medications, diet plans as per the vet’s instructions.

What are the causes of allergies?

Every human food is not healthy, nutritious to dogs. Many foods are allergic to dogs and may cause abnormal reactions like itching, licking or gives rise to poop eating habits. The allergic issues in dogs are not due to immunity factors; it is due to the severity of allergen causing it.

Some dogs may have an intolerance to foods. Human digestive system is complex and can burn the proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals into calories. But, the dog’s digestive system is under-developed and can’t eat all the human foods.

Vegetables would have tough skin, a coat which can’t be broke down by dog’s digestive system. Hence it may block the GI tract and can cause digestive issues, vomiting, bloat, lethargy. The exposure level to allergens also determines the severity of allergic issue in dogs.  Now let’s get into the remedy for allergies in dogs!

What can cure the allergies in dogs?

Dogs with allergies are often prescribed to intake fatty acid, omega-rich diets. It may be veggie or meat, your dog’s diet plan must include omega-3 or omega-6 rich, fatty acids.

Some dogs may get used to fish diets while other’s do not. Take out bones from fish while serving fish to dogs. Dogs which are intolerant to fish may be served with fish or salmon oil, pills, to meet the nutrition requirements. If you cultivate the sweet potatoes in your garden, then it’s better, cheap, excellent source of the omega-3 source.

If you wish to include omega-3 through fruits, then the avocado meat is the best to serve. Some dogs accept while other’s deny the avocado flesh. While serving the avocado, take out seeds, skin peels, pit and other parts from the fruit and then place it in your dog’s bowl. Because only the avocado flesh is not toxic to dogs!

Many pet parents love to add or cook the salmon or fish oil as gravy for their dogs. Instead of taking risks on serving fish, you can go for oils in the dog’s diet to improve immunity, better skin health. You can also steam the sweet potatoes for your dog to enrich their healthy skin and coat.

It’s not only a cheap source but a healthy treat in the evening time for your dog. If you love, smash the sweet potatoes and then fry it as a paste with a chick for your dog’s diet plan. Sounds good for your dog’s diet plan right! Yes, it’s my dog’s favorite recipe which is specially made for her on holidays!

Pick the one which suits your dog and vanishes the allergies from your dog’s healthy skin. Live healthily, eat healthy with your dog!

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